Replacing a Retaining Wall

  1. Mr Dirt Concrete Retaining Wall Construction


  • The Problem

    Wood retaining walls have a limited life, far shorter than a well-built stone retaining wall. Even treated lumber will eventually weaken from rot and insect infestation over time, especially in our humid climate. This retaining wall was approaching the end of its expected life and starting to fail so the homeowner did not hesitate to upgrade to a new stone wall.

    Our Solution

    Stone retaining walls are durable, and when constructed properly, will last for many years. A poorly built wall can lean, separate, even topple. Our job was to remove the old wall and build a new wall with decorative paving stones. Removing the old wall was a piece of cake. Because of the size, our new wall needed a poured concrete footer reinforced with rebar to increase strength. Standard concrete blocks were used below ground, since they wouldn’t be seen and decorative blocks were used above ground. Each new row of blocks were pinned and cemented to the row beneath, making a solid structure, and then capstones were added to finish the appearance. Finally, the lawn below the retaining was was re-graded, seeded, and covered.

    Building a retaining wall properly requires the right skill and knowledge. Mr. Dirt has the experience you need for a quality retaining wall. We ensure your retaining wall is solid and long-lasting.

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