Landscaping In-ground Swimming Pool

  • The Problem

    These Newburgh homeowners like to enjoy their backyard oasis, and by making making it easier to maintain, they have more time to enjoy their patio, pool, and new fire pit.

    Our Solution

    The water conservation crowd call this xeriscaping. We just call it building a nice fire pit and putting in some river rock and low maintenance plants. Okay, making your property more water-conserving is really a good idea for multiple reasons. You save time, spend less money on fuel for lawn maintenance equipment, and you keep your water bills down. This was an enjoyable project because we were able to build some nice features using river rock and paving stones to create a path surrounding their existing patio.

    Our team has the experience and knowledge needed to execute quality backyard projects. We ensure yourproject receives the proper attention at every step, from excavation and grading to stonework and landscaping.

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