Grading Gravel to Build Private Road

  • The Problem

    For many who live in Kentucky, Indiana, or Illinois, there is little that is more satisfying than waking up surrounded by nature. A home in the woods, or on a remote pond is a dream-come-true for many, but remote often means a rough ride to the nearest pavement.

    Throughout the tri-state region you will find soil with a high clay content that gets very slippery in wet weather. It doesn’t take long for an unpaved drive to develop potholes during periods of rain and snow. Paving a long distance can get expensive, so it’s often more desirable to look for alternative solutions.

    Our Solution

    We built this road by trucking in #53 crushed limestone, also commonly called paver base. The stones are rough and jagged and of varying sizes. Limestone dust is included in the aggregate and with compaction and rain, the resulting surface becomes solid, almost like pavement.

    We use our excavating equipment to distribute and level the stone, introducing a crown in the surface for water run-off. The resulting road works great, and at a fraction of the cost of concrete or asphalt.