Constructing a Concrete Driveway

  • The Problem

    Historic homes are a pleasure to own, but age takes its toll in so many ways. The original driveway for this Evansville home was deteriorating beyond repair and the owners decided to have the old one remove and a new concrete driveway poured in its place.

    Our Solution

    Poured slab concrete provides great support and when properly installed, looks great for many years. A slab pour requires several several steps for preparation and finishing. Proper site excavation is the first step, followed by compacting the sub grade to make a firm and stable base for the pour. The driveway bed is built up and leveled with gravel, then forms are constructed with steel reinforcing rods (rebar) evenly spaced and supported by rebar chairs positioning the bars and creating a reinforcing mesh in the center of the slab to be poured. Each slab is poured in sections because quick action is required to float and trowel the concrete during the small window of time before it hardens. The timing and execution of post-pour activities are essential to a strong and durable slab that doesn’t crack easily.

    Our team has the experience and knowledge needed to execute quality concrete work. We ensure your concrete work receives the proper attention at every step, from excavation to a proper cure for strength, durability, water tightness and wear resistance.