Building Removal and Regrading


  • The Problem

    As mid-size cities like Evansville grow and expand, land that was previously used for farming often transitions to residential use. The barn on this property was well-suited for farm-use with its earth berm design and large doors facing the “back forty”. Just removing the building would have left a shear drop of more than 6 feet. This property needs to be regraded for a more pleasant contour.

    Our Solution

    Buildings of this type are easy to take down with the right equipment. Once the roof, front, and retaining wall were removed, all that was left was the concrete slab and cinder blocks. Loads of dirt were added until the hole left by the barn was filled, then we used a power box rake (also known as a Harley Rake) to level the soil. A first pass runs 2″ deep to condition the soil, then a skim pass sweeps away any remaining small stones on the surface, leaving the soil ready for seeding.

    Building removal and regrading is a specialty of Mr. Dirt. We work efficiently and product quick results. If you need to have a building removed, call us for a free, no-obligation quote. (888) 884-2712

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