Pool deconstruction fill in Evansville IN

Posted On April 13, 2022

Mr Dirt begins by removing fence and objects that need to be protected

Mr Dirt proceeds to break up all the concrete in the pool and above the pool

After concrete is broken we remove the sides of the pool and any other accessories such as diving boards ect..

Entire area is filled with dirt and compacted as it’s filled.

When we have a lot of rain in the forecast we protect the area until completed before grass or sod gets installed


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  1. Rita and Michael Dame

    Mr. Dirt deconstructed our inground pool (photos above) and we were pleased
    with the work.
    They were professional and respectful of our property. Nick and his team were
    nice and did the work we requested.
    We have a lot of great memories over 20 years of having the pool, and it was somewhat
    emotional to have it removed. They made it an easy transition.
    We are waiting for grass to grow and enjoy being an extended yard.


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