Ditch concealed with 12″ HDP Double Wall Pipe, Seed Straw and Rip Rap border Newburgh In

Posted On June 30, 2021

Mr Dirt begins by Excavating the area for our 12″ Double Wall Plastic Pipe.

We then lost all the pipe and prepare for the fill Dirt to bring that area level.

Area is finish graded after being filled and leveled. Without a ditch being physically present this is a crucial step to ensure that erosion does not happen on the surface area.

Our customers requested a rip rap border for a couple of reasons. It was unsafe to mow there yard that close to the road and to suppress weed growth. Also with Rip Rap people are less likely to drive through the yard.

Last step was to apply seed and straw to the area. Looks great and customer gave 5 star review!



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